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The Pyramid Residential Care Centre is always accepting applications for new residents. Please note there is an admission process, which needs to be followed in conjunction with applications. Admission details are outlined on this website for your convenience.

The most important thing to note before completing an application is that to receive residential care services, it’s a requirement that ‘Residential Care’ approval has already been granted by a Commonwealth Government Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT), prior to admission. The ACAT team is located at Cairns Hospital and is comprised of doctors, social workers and other health professionals. They work collectively to provide a thorough assessment of your care needs and can approve whether a person is suitable to receive residential services, or not. The ACAT team can be contacted on phone 07 4226 6446.

Our Application Form

Download a copy of the Pyramid Residential Care Centre application form here.

Please note this is a Common Form for use with residential care services throughout Queensland. The information required and provided is the information all Queensland residential care services will normally require to assess and meet your needs and to meet Government requirements for calculating amounts that you would pay. As pages of the application may be detached for photocopying, please write the applicant’s name at the top of each page.

The financial information required is quite detailed. It is highly recommended you seek independent financial advice from a Financial Advisor prior to entering Residential Aged Care. There is additional information and some contact details provided on our admissions page.

If you have any queries or concerns in regards to our application paperwork, or process for admission, please contact our Facility Manager Jennie Cotterill on 07 4056 1454 or

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