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Pyramid Residential Care Centre understand that making this move is a major and sometimes difficult step for residents and their families. We strongly encourage open dialogue and communication between prospective residents, their families, friends and medical practitioner when planning transition and admission.

We are an Australian Government approved aged care facility. Admission is governed by a strict process, which includes several government departments and representatives. For your convenience, we’re pleased to provide a step by step admission guide below and a downloadable copy of our Application for Admission paperwork here.

Step 1. ACAT Approval

To receive Residential Care Services at Pyramid Residential Care Centre, a new resident must obtain an ACAT Assessment and approval prior to admission. The ACAT team is located at Cairns Hospital and is comprised of doctors, social workers and other health professionals. They work collectively to provide a thorough assessment of your care needs and can approve whether a person is suitable to receive residential services, or not. The ACAT team can be contacted on phone 07 4226 6446.

Step 2. Centrelink Financial Assessment

Centerlink issue an income and assessment letter, which provides you with the details of any costs you may be required to contribute to your care.

Step 3. Arranging Finances

It is highly recommended that you seek independent financial advice from a Financial Advisor, prior to entering Residential Aged Care. If you do not already have a Financial Advisor, then we can suggest two Aged Care Financial Planners in Cairns. Jo Tuck at Menico Tuck Parrish Financial Services who can be contacted on 4044 7888 or email Or Brent Cerutti at Kelly Wealth Services who can be contacted on 4041 2055 or email

Step 4. Residential Care Agreement

Prior to entering Pyramid Residential Care Centre, residents will be required to complete a Residential Agreement. This is a legal document which includes details of fees, services and your rights and responsibilities as a resident.

In some cases, Pyramid Residential Care Centre can offer resident entry at short notice. If you wanted to take advantage of this opportunity, if it came up, a daily fee would commence and be charged from your acceptance and arrival.

Additional information and details on admission to residential aged care facilities can be found online at the Department of Social Services website or by calling the Department of Health and Aged Care on 131 202.

For information specific to Pyramid Residential Care Centre admissions, please contact Facility Manager Jennie Cotterill on 07 4056 1454 or email

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